Traveler Loot

Traveler Loot

Traveler Loot is a Loot derivative for the travel industry, generated and stored on chain. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use Traveler Loot in any way you want.

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A Real World Loot

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10,000 loots, discovered by travelers.
What treasures do they hold?
Which gifts will they attracts?
Free nights in hotels?
Big discounts on flights?
Special offers in restaurants?


Context and Details

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Travelers' Types

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Traveler Loot for Guilds
Supply: 900 (#1 to #900)
Guilds members can claim these slots 🔗here, or by calling claimByGuilds(tokenId,contractAddress) function on etherscan.
Cost: Free + Gas
Traveler Loot Standard
Supply: 9100 (#901 to #10000)
Everybody can claim one (or more) Traveler Loot Standard 🔗 here.
From #901 to #1000 are reserved to Trips Community.
From #1001 to #10000 are open for everybody to be claimed.
Cost: Free + Gas
Traveler Loot for Patrons
Supply: undefined but limited
Everybody can claim one (and only one) Traveler Loot for Patron, but:
It has a dynamic price, starting from 1 ether.
Its price is designed to increase as much as the project gains popularity and utility. The supply is leaded by the price unaffordability by design.
Cost: Dynamic Price + Gas

Traveler Loot Project is a layer built on top of 🔗Loot Project and other whitelisted contracts (we call them 🔗Guilds). By holding NFTs of the whitelisted contracts, you have access to the Traveler Loot for Guilds claims. Project's whitelisting is open 🔗here.

Under The Hood

132+ trillion combinations

10 categories, 267 elements, variable rarity. Stored on chain.

30 Characters
24 Preferred Travel Environments
30 Preferred Means of Transports
30 Spoken Languages
30 Talents
30 Preferred Places in the World
12 Travel Experience Levels
30 Preferred Accommodations
21 Stuff in the Bag
30 Occupations